Following a spectacular performance at the Roundhouse’s In the Round early this year, featuring Gamelan artists from Indonesia alongside outstanding London musicians, Susheela Raman is putting the finishing touches to her next album Ghost Gamelan, the body of which was recorded in Surakarta, Indonesia.

The album is a collaboration with Javanese ‘contemporary gamelan’ composer Gondrong Guanarto and his team of virtuoso gamelan players. The tonal riches of the Javanese music bring a fresh and provocative sound and Gondrong’s involvement speaks to the growing global awareness of Gamelan in both its traditional and experimental forms. As ever with Susheela Raman the music is about global connections: Gamelan is a manylayered source material that creative musical minds have been, and continue to be drawn to. Besides the wide and ever-mutating influence Gamelan already has on western music, from Debussy, Steve Reich, Erik Satie, to John Cage and Sonic Youth, there are also deep connections with Indian music. These go back to the Chola Empire, which spread through South East Asia from Thanjavur, where Susheela's family come from. Ghost Gamelan will be released on Naive/Believe Digital. Release date and international tour dates to be announced.

Susheela Raman And The Ghost Gamelan Orchestra: LIVE AT THE ROUNDHOUSE, FEB 1ST 2017 MOON (Raman/Mills) Published by Wardlaw Music MUSICIANS FROM SURAKARTA, INDONESIA Gondrong Gunarto Agus Prasetyo Angger Widhi Asmara Rano Prasetyo UK MUSICIANS Susheela Raman Voice Sam Mills Guitar Danny Keane Keyboards Jerry Meehan Bassoon Aref Durvesh Percussion